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Thursday, July 23, 2009 ; 7/23/2009 03:22:00 PM
Bon Odori on the 18 of july 2009^^

After british council..i went to bon odori with fishy...heres some photos n joined a family XD


so crowded ><

dance ah dance ah ^o^

tam jia-ing


xiiahui mommy

daddy eh tamjia hand...xiiaohui n adelyn

kuo chang n lyn

xian wen n kuo chang (kc eh pose so...ala~)

xian wen,kuo chang n lyn

ting feng

heres some fireworks!!!!!!!!!!!!

looks like galaxy @_@

after fireworks...we went to 'sang' n took some pic with japanese

with japanese!!! from left:me, fishy,lyn,ting feng

a japanese girl n ting feng

fishy n her

winson n her at de back der is a ghost..jz ignore it ^^

fish n ting feng [oi! look at de screen=.=]

ting feng,winson,n de 2 boys..i dn noe their name ><>

fish,lyn n me with japanese guys