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I leave in my own way happily eventhough I'm not pefect


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simple girl,♥ vampire,♥ to hang out,♥ her family,♥ her friends gonna have her sweet sixteen on 22/11/2009 It's just her(simple as that) It's just her(simple as that) If you don't like her don't hesitate to leave

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Tuesday, July 7, 2009 ; 7/07/2009 08:05:00 PM PE class play basketball,ball accidentally collided wen qi...sorry wen qi....><
then the bell rings~~~~~wohoooo~BIO teacher bo lai...siok dao...den we kap kap in the class for 2
periods only go change clothes...Xiaobai 4gt 2 brings toilet keys so....we pi upstairs eh toilet
lo...den the 校工 said its a man toilet...xiaobai change till half half run out...wakao...
so embarrassing...den i kena check stupid dentist dono gt cert de boh...make my
teeth bleed...den on de way 2 class xiaobai do moonwalk..BEAT IT! but seriously gt abit cacat leh= =
xiaobai gambateh~haha